What is the pericardium ?

Freeing the pericardium, Montserrat Gascón's method

Freeing the Pericardium is the fruit of the work of Montserrat Gascón, the result of more than 30 years of research.

It is by no means a theory for which we seek to find applications, but is rather the result of an experiment. Only the quality of the results obtained led to the position of knowledge of which we speak here.

The Freeing of the Pericardium is an approach that is essentially based on care. It also incorporates ways of being that make it a real art of living, on a daily basis.

The Pericardium and the Freeing of the Pericardium

The Pericardium is the membrane that surrounds and protects the heart. The work of Montserrat Gascón has made it possible to understand the importance of the Pericardium :

  • It is impacted with each shock that we encounter, whatever the nature of the shock (physical, mental, emotional),
  • It is in contact with at least one element of all the systems of our body.

The impact of these shocks on the pericardium, as well as on the other cells of our body, results in a change in the circulation of energy - that is of life in the cells, and puts it in contraction. From one shock to another, this contraction gets stronger and can cause problems in all fields, including physical. This phenomenon occurs in cells and by extension, organs and systems.

During a Freeing the Pericardium session, the practitioner pays close attention and listens, here and now, to the flow of energy in the cells. The practitioner can restore their natural expansion, through simple attitudes and gestures. This restored expansion allows a reconnection to ourselves, to our essence and the disturbances that we knew before, are corrected. The effects can be felt at all levels, even in our behaviour. We can also see our fears release themselves.

The session

During the session, the Practitioner ‘listens’ and is receptive to the whole body, paying particular attention to the Pericardium, which, because it is on contact with all systems, behaves as the global key to this deep reconnection to who we are.

The goal of the session is to free ourselves from our blockages, to reconnect us to ourselves and to re-harmonize all the dimensions of who we are. The sessions are individual, last about 1hr and a quarter and take place dressed in comfortable clothes, lying on a massage table.

When we know the tools of Freeing the Pericardium, we can apply it to ourselves, to animals, to plants, there is no limit.

During a session, the practitioner can also perceive the reason for the blockages, especially emotional ones.

A different art of living, for every day

This receptiveness towards energy and the way we can release it can also be applied to all the energies around us. It allows us to regain the lightness in our lives, with full knowledge of what is happening in the energy, that is beyond appearances. Resolving blocked situations, cleaning up the ties that make us addicted in our relationships, harmonizing places, etc. are all actions that allow us to regain our dimension, lightness and joy.

Long live the Free Pericardium !          Live life !